Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the Advance Racing Association. We appreciate the opportunity to work with any company on any level.

Auto racing is the top spectator sport in America. As a result, it is a consistent and effective marketing channel for corporate as well as small business sponsors. In recent years auto racing has only presented marketing opportunities to large companies due to its
national scale. The Advance Racing Association is changing that.

The Advance Racing Association taps into the most brand-loyal population of all sports enthusiasts: race fans. We do this on a local level as well as a regional level. This creates a unique marketing proposition for Advance Racing Association sponsors; enabling
businesses both large and small to gain tremendous grassroots exposure.

Tailored Programs

To assist sponsors in capitalizing their use of the sport and the events, the Advance Racing Association tailors sponsorship programs to the specific goals of each individual sponsor. The following general business objectives are ideally suited for Advance Racing Association sponsorship programs:

Exposure, awareness and brand building.
Direct response and traffic development.
Business development and employee morale.


There are several categories of sponsorship opportunities available, all of which can be custom tailored to fit your company’s exact needs. Some of these include:

Series Sponsor Package
Car Sponsor Package
Individual Event Sponsor Package
Victory Lane Package (Advertise, Treat VIP’s and Employees)
Rookie of the Year Package

A La Carte Packages
PA Announcements
Local Television Broadcast
Local Radio Broadcast
Website Placement

For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please call or email one of the following:

Mike Chamberlain
Phone: 317-605-3435
Email: mike.advanceracingassociation@yahoo.com

Brian Hedge
Email: brian@advanceracingassociation.com